Hair Ideas

Hello wonderful parents,

Singin’ in the Rain takes place in the 1920s.  In order for the students to look authentic to their parts, it’s imperative that their hair fits the period.  Please see the photos below to help your student fit the part.  There are only 4-5 volunteer mothers who will be there each night to “help” with hair and make up.  We will be there about 30 minutes before call time, so as you can figure it is impossible for 5 women to do 120 students’ hair and makeup in 30 minutes. 

We are mainly there to help touch up hair and do makeup on those who DO NOT have access to make up at home. But we expect the girls to do their own hair at home.  Please contact me if you or your daughter are unable to do that.

Here are great tutorials for girls with longer hair for a wave-do:


If you don’t want to do wave curls, the earmuff buns were in style for women with longer hair – they also liked a lot of fluff around the sides of their head – even if their hair was uxp in a bun.  Either fluff and curls or else the super straight bob seen in the drawn pictures below.  They would even take hair out of their hairbrush to add to their hair to give it extra fluff!

BOYS 1920s HAIR    
Here is a great video or doing men’s hair 1920s style:

If your boy is due for a haircut, this one is great for the style of the time:

The men liked their hair SHINY – get a pomade with hold and shine for best results. 

I will send a separate email with makeup tips.  If you want to come to school with your child at 8:30 Saturday morning to do his/her hair with the makeup/hair volunteers to get ideas, then please do!  We’re experimenting as well to see what works best and would love to have you there to learn to do your own child’s hair.

Thanks and call/email/text me with any questions,
801 633-3093


Important Updates

We are getting close to showtime! Your kids are amazing and so are you parents who have so generously been volunteering your time and talents. Thank you!! Please read carefully, there’s a lot of important information! 

  1. TICKETS are for SALE!!!

Tickets are $5.00 each CASH or CHECKS only. You can go to the front office and see Heidi or Bonnie from 7:00am – 3:00pm. 

AND, we will have a table set up for ticket sales on Saturday, March 9th from 8:30am-9:30am and then again at 3:30pm. $5.oo each CASH or CHECKS only. Bring your student to the all day rehearsal and come inside and buy your tickets! 

Tickets will also be for sale beginning at 6:00pm each night of the performances. CASH and CHECKS only. Avoid long lines and buy tickets before! 


Schedule for this week: Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5th is costume check. Please have your student bring their costume to school and keep them in their locker. 

ALL CAST on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3-5. Friday (correction from calendar) 12:45-3. 

Then ALL CAST ALL DAY rehearsal on Saturday, March 9th from 9:00-4:00. Please come in full costume, makeup and hair. (Instructions and ideas for hair and makeup will be coming soon!)

A lunch of sandwiches and chips is being generously provided Saturday by Cill’s parents, Angel & Chris Buhler from the Market Street Grill South Jordan. Thank you Buhler’s!! 

3.  Concessions – We need your help!


This year the PTSA is helping with concessions. This will make it easier for the office. There are rules the office has to comply with that PTSA doesn’t have to do. We are in need of donations. If you are able to have your student bring a box or two of assorted candy bars or any individually wrapped candy that we could sell at the performances we would really appreciate it.  We would love concessions to be a big success and help raise money for next year’s play! The students can bring the candy to the office. 

Thank you!

Jen Jessop

PTSA President

4. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Thank you!!

Set Building – Come Help Out!

All are invited to join! Parents and students. 

If you need to fill your volunteer hours come and help!

  • Tuesday, February 26 and Thursday, February 28 – 6:30pm-9:30 set construction
  • Saturday, March 3 – 9:00 am set construction
  • Tuesday, March 5 and Thursday, March 7 – 6:30pm-9:30 painting and details 

Practice The Rest Of This Week

  • Wednesday, February 27 – Singing In The Rain ALL CAST
  • Thursday, February 28 – Broadway Musical ALL CAST
  • Friday, March 1 – LEADS

Costume Help & Ideas

1.  We are currently meeting with the committee heads, you should be hearing from the committees you singed up to help with in the next week.

2.  If you have not signed up to help with a committee please contact the volunteer coordinator Rachel Allen 

3.  We are on Instagram Evergreenjrhighmusical 

 Important Costume information Below from Ms. Wadsworth please read! 

Hi Parents!  We love working with your kids!!

I have had a couple questions about female ensemble costumes and just female costumes in general! 

  • PLEASE remember that this musical is set in the 1920s, not the 1950s or 1960s.  The styles are VERY different.  The style of the 1920’s is drop waisted, long vertical lines, flowy on the bottom, etc.  In the 1920s, females would never wear something that would require a petticoat or be something with a puffy skirt. 
  • The difference between the 1920s and the 1960s/1970s is the waistline.  In the 1920s the waistline is dropped, the eye should be drawn to a “waistline” that is lower than the natural waist.  This can be achieved with a drop waisted dress or a skirt and top where the bottom of the top is left untucked and is lower than the natural waist (see photos below).  If you are looking at a dress with a waistline that is on the natural waist, then the dress is not the right era.   
  • Please have your student bring a photo of the dress you are thinking about to show me before you purchase.  Or email a photo before you purchase.  That way I can help you navigate the time-period. 
  • Please don’t spend lots of money on these costumes.  I have found some ways to keep cost to a minimum. 
  1. There are some drop waisted dresses on Amazon that are fairly inexpensive, but remember that everyone might end up with the same dress.
  2. You can also do a long top and a long skirt!  See the pictures below:
  1. Add a sash, a long necklace, belt, a ruffle, or a scarf to a long sheath dress.
  • Check the consignment shops, like Saves and the DI.  I just got an email from a parent who found two cute dresses at Savers. 
  • Today I had a cute gal come up to me with some pictures of things from her closet and they were PERFECT!!  A thought I had after talking with her is using something you already have for the fancy dress and fancy it up with a jeweled, fringed, or fur shawl/wrap.  There are shawls/wraps on Amazon and I did see some clearance furs at Target the other day.  BUT, don’t forget to search your closets or your grandma’s closets, because most times you can use things you already have.  Here are some examples:

This dress isn’t 1920s, but the wrap in black, sliver, or gold could work!  This looks like something you might have in your closet. 

Thank you for working so hard on this!  I hope this helps!

Miss Wadsworth

P.S. And don’t forget that long pearl necklaces are always great too!

Scenery Committee Dates

1. ATTENTION:  SCENERY COMMITTEE will be having a PLANNING MEETING on Tuesday, February 19th @6:30pm in the Evergreen Auditorium. Come ready to share ideas and brainstorm together. We are amazed at all your talents, come and share! If you have any questions please contact the SCENERY COMMITTEE CHAIR Jessica Balderas 801-580-6935. 
2. SCENERY COMMITTEE  and EVERYONE and ANYONE first SET BUILDING PARTY Saturday February 23rd @9:00am in the Evergreen Auditorium. More details to come. ALL ARE INVITED. Bring your cast member or anyone willing to help.